The smallest things may have large effects…

Inside MENA MIYA we are trying to help people around the world by bringing them some hope and smile.

By default, when you purchase an article from MENA MIYA’s collection, 2$ goes immediately as a donation to CHABIO. Of course if you want to donate more, you have the possibility to do it too.

CHABIO is the name given to our non governmental official organization.

Yamina launched in 2009 CHABIO with some friends in order to help the most vulnerable people around the city where they lived. In the beginning, they started to use their scholarship and some donations from their friends and families.

They used to visit children who have heavy traitements in public hospitals and in orphanages by offering them some teddies and other gifts. This is where the name CHABIO comes from (One teddy’s name). They used to organize big events and parties to make the children feel home. To make them feel the joy of an ordinary and normal life.

Actually, CHABIO’s vision is to expand the support to build water wells, schools, and libraries all over the world.

Maybe your action will be small but it will bring a lot in someone’s life.

Please don’t hesitate to donate…