When we say “we”,  we talk about us, we talk about you.

This is an overview of what we are committing to…

We support a circular economy and we all strive for a more sustainable life in our daily habits. 

We create upcycled sport-chic collections and offer experiences through contrasting locations and artists. We aren’t just products in the markets… We propose collections designed to raise awareness in our  generation. We aim to participate with different sportswear brand strategies to reduce the destruction of unsold collections, to end plastic waste and support creating a circular future. 

It’s really priceless to be able to count on partnerships to help us support the vision we want to deliver. 

We have worked and are still working on this new innovative process to reuse sportswear materials since 2016. Today, we are taking effective actions.

We propose unique collections to suit you. Suit our “normal” bodies. Inside MENA MIYA, we treat “normal” women bodies as “NORMAL”. We love our bodies as they are, we cherish them, we take care of them, cause we only have one. 

Our bodies are part of us, they are here every time and every moment. We have to thank them all times, for their intelligence to take care of us, for their 24/7 hours working to keep us alive, to make us dream, to help us rest, to regenerate us and to help us capture different feelings.



It’s our ultimate responsibility to teach our kids about the new way of living by protecting our earth. They have to understand that every decision we make today will become our future tomorrow and this is a real fact. Every thought, action and discipline will become our habit. 

Every single part of MENA MIYA and all our projects brought together different people in arts : musicians, architects, charities… We all are active in different ways in our domains, but one thing unites us is the need to take real actions NOW. The calling to save our planet is bigger than anything. That’s why it’s beautiful. 

How to save our planet is really a big task. Although we talk about a small contribution that will bring a lot for the future.