I’m that kind of girl who listens to gangsta rap music on her way to close a deal with a customer after a morning yoga routine.; I’m a scorpio ascendant scorpio and I don’t really know the meaning…It seems intense and deep.; I’m hypersensitive and I love raw people.I qualify myself as being spiritual and I love contrasted worlds.; I love long car rides, soccer, Africa and Mediterranean, black and white, sea and sun. I love the moon too.; I love life and love.

1990£ Born and raised in Tizi-ouzou, Algeria; 2012£ Licence Economics Science & Management; 2012-2014£ Master 1 & 2 in Management & Information System; 2016£ MBA Luxury Brand Marketing & International Management at SUP de Luxe Chaire Cartier Paris; 2014-2020£ Six year experience as a Sales Engineer in Paris & London; 2020£ Launching MENA MIYA